Aviator Game: Play on Real Money


The Aviator game by Spribe gained quite a momentum in India, especially among players who are not really into slot machines and hesitate to play traditional casino games like roulette and our local favorite, Teen Patti. Dynamic, minimalistic, and intuitive, it is a step in a different direction from most other casino games

In our Aviator review, you will find everything about this compelling game based on airplanes, multipliers, and predictions. Find out what it’s all about, how to benefit from it, and what strategies to apply.

What is Aviator Game?

Aviator is a pure game of chance that functions quite differently from online slot machines. Instead of focusing on spinning reels, you have to keep an eye on the plane. The longer the plane stays in the air, the higher the win multiplier will be. However, there is always a chance the airplane will crash!

This popular casino title perfectly blends anticipation, action, and rewards. It is up to you to find the perfect balance and monetize on it!

How to Play Aviator by Spribe?

Unlike many other popular casino genres, Aviator is a simple game with very few rules. Ideal for beginners and experienced gamblers alike, it reduces the gambling experience to the most exciting wagering elements to provide unforgettable entertainment.

Aviator Game Rules and Mechanics

Aviator is as simple as it gets. Before the plane takes off, you must place your bet. Naturally, it is up to you to decide how big your bet will be. Then, the plane will ascend, and the multiplier will grow. Flight controllers at Indira Gandhi International Airport must keep up with many planes, but fortunately, in Aviator, you only have one vehicle to follow.

You can let the plane fly high for as long as you wish but don’t forget it may crash at any point. Players must use available tools to cash out when they find the multiplier to be at a satisfactory level. Calculating the prize is easy, as the multiplier multiplies your bet amount.

And what happens if the plane crashes before you cash out? You lose the bet. Even so, you can always take a chance at the next takeoff. The Aviator’s departure schedule is jam-packed!

Explaining the Game Algorithm

It is not only the gambling experience that makes Aviator better than a vacation in Goa. The gaming algorithm massively contributes to its appeal, as well!

Aviator has a Provably Fair algorithm, meaning every player can double-check whether the outcome was randomly generated or not. This guarantees that every round is fair and the game is 100% transparent. There is no meddling with the result in any way.

Playing Aviator in India at Top Online Casinos

You can find Aviator by Spribe at all online casinos in India, but we advise you to look for those with transparent terms of use, fair payout practices, and valid gambling licenses. Only so can you enjoy this juicy game to the max!

One such website is 20Bet, a global gambling platform with a great reputation and loyal following across Bharat! It is an operator that supports real money bets and offers stellar bonuses for all Indian players!

Game Aviator: Features and Gambling Options

When you play Aviator, you will find many nifty features that will enhance your experience. Easy to use and even easier to understand, they help you elevate your potential.

Here are the features of the Aviator game:

  • Bet
  • Cash-out
  • Autoplay
  • Auto cash out
  • Live stats
  • In-game chat

Bet: The Main Feature of the Game

This feature is essential to the Aviator game. It allows you to place your stake – simple as that. Decide how much you will bet, ensure you are not overspending, and enjoy the ride!

Cash Out: Make the Most Out of Your Bet

Thanks to this feature, you get to decide when you’ve had enough of flying. The cash-out option allows you to act on time and take your money out when you find the multiplier to be right up your alley.

Autoplay: A Feature for Relaxed Sessions

The autoplay feature allows you to streamline the entire betting experience, sit down with a cup of your favorite Darjeeling tea and watch the rounds one after the other. Although the system will place bets automatically, you will still have total control thanks to a neat set of extra features to customize your experience.

Auto Cash Out: The Key to Carefree Gambling

Auto cash out is the feature that combines autoplay and cashout features, hence the name. Players can use it when they know how they want to approach the game.

Use the feature to cash out as soon as the multiplier reaches a certain value. That way, you won’t have any mishaps just because you had an important phone call and couldn’t keep up with the plane!

Live Statistics: A Deeper Insight in the Game

Live statistics inform players about multipliers from past rounds, average multiplier value, and other data you might find useful. Still, this is a game of chance, so remember that past data doesn’t indicate what will happen in the future.

In-Game Chat: The Social Component of the Game

When you play Aviator by Spribe, you can chat with other players who are playing it, no matter where they are. They can be your neighbor, a player from New Delhi, or someone from across the globe. The game’s social aspect makes it highly popular among players who rarely visit brick-and-mortar casinos.

Are There Any Winning Strategies in Aviator Game?

Indians have always been keen on developing different strategies for their games ever since they started playing chess centuries ago. As the most modern game of them all, Aviator is also a game where you can apply certain theories, moves, and strategies to succeed. We’ll elaborate on the most popular ones.

Play the Aviator Demo

Before you engage in real money play, try the demo version. The demo features the same mechanics, payouts and visuals but with no strings attached. You place bets in virtual credits, meaning you are not exposed to financial risk at any point.

When you have learned the ropes and feel comfortable with the Aviator navigation, you can switch to real money gambling in no time.

Small Bets First

Everyone knows that a big bet will result in a big win when the time comes. That being said, players should never ignore the importance of small bets.

You can make big money on small bets when playing wisely and responsibly. Limited risk exposure, higher volume of wagers, and longer sessions are only some advantages of keeping it small.

Be Careful with the Flight History

Statistics can be a nice addition to your session, but take them with a grain of salt. Like any other game of chance, Aviator is 100% unpredictable. Past data has no power over what will happen in the future. Rely on your guts, and check out the flight history just for the fun’s sake.

Play Aviator on Mobile

All Indians can access Aviator on their desktop computers, yet did you know that is not the only option? The Aviator app is your key to the gambling kingdom; you can enter whenever you feel like it!

Whether you are riding a train to Kolkata or admiring architecture in Jaipur, you can carry your plane, multipliers and bets in the back of your pocket!

Get the Aviator App for iOS

Aviator Betting App for iOS is here to provide users with a thrilling and convenient platform to bet on.

Get your app from the App Store and install it in three easy steps:

  • Find the Aviator app;
  • Hit the download button;
  • Wait a moment or two for the app to be installed.

Get the Aviator App for Android

Android users can also enjoy all the benefits of the Aviator app. Without compromising on the experience, they can access this casino blockbuster at any time, no matter where they are. An internet connection is all you need!

Here is how you can download and install the Aviator Android app:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store;
  2. Find the Aviator app and hit the download button;
  3. Start the installation process;
  4. Launch the app.

Banking Methods for Aviator Players from India

Indian players who wish to place real money bets in Aviator will have to sign up with a legitimate casino site and top-up their accounts. The number of methods you’ll have at your disposal will depend on the casino you choose. Fortunately, Indian players can typically use various methods, including bank cards, e-wallets, online payment platforms and even cryptos.

Bank cards, both credit and debit, such as Visa and MasterCard, are always a popular choice. They grant high levels of safety, albeit somewhat slower withdrawal processing.

Indian players don’t hesitate to use globally popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Safe, fast and cost-efficient, they are among the favourites in the casino industry. Some casino platforms might even offer you to use local options such as UPI, Paytm and RuPay, or even classic bank transfers and online vouchers. Choose wisely!

How to Make a Deposit?

The deposit process may vary from casino to casino, but it always boils down to a couple of steps anyone can follow without any stress. Here is what you have to do to load cash to your gambling balance:

  • Log in to your casino of choice and find the deposit (or banking) button;
  • Take a look at the list of available methods and choose one;
    Click the method icon and enter the deposit amount, no less than the minimum deposit;
  • Fill out the information the casino asks you to and submit the payment.

Deposits are almost always instant, and you can play Aviator in a few moments.

How to Make a Withdrawal?

When you play Aviator on trustworthy gambling sites, withdrawal is a breeze. Begin the process by logging in and ensuring you have wagered the deposit and bonus (if any) according to the rules.

All done? Now, it is time to proceed to the cashier. Most casinos in India will ask you to use the same method as you did for depositing. The casino team will offer you an alternative when that is not possible.

Click the payment method you want to use, enter the withdrawal amount (no more than you have available), and submit the request. The money should be with you anywhere between 24 hours and a couple of days, depending on the method.

Should You Play Aviator Game?

Aviator by Spribe is a game that is here to stay. Unconventional, thrilling and incredibly easy to play, it captivated Indians as much as the global gambling audience. This title is a total game-changer that will help shape the future of the casino industry.

One of the game’s best assets is that it gives players control. They can cash out at any point and even use auto cash out to be sure they’ll act at the right moment. The fair gambling algorithm makes the game appealing to those who still hesitate to join the gambling craze. With Aviator, you can check the fairness of the outcome anytime!

In the end, Aviator is a game you can play on any device. Android and iOS apps make this pastime accessible 24/7, on the beach, at the bar, or while taking a break at work.

Play the Aviator game by Spribe and reach new heights!

Question and Answer

How to Predict Aviator Game?
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In simple words, it is practically impossible to predict the overall result in Aviator. The game employs RNG, so you cannot foretell when the plane will crash. A reasonable strategy would be to start with a small amount.

How to Win in Aviator Game Online?
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While there is no 100% winning strategy in Aviator, as it is a game of chance, you can take into account several Aviator game tricks to increase your chances of winning.

What is the Maximum Bet?
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The maximum bet in the Aviator game app is usually $100 or a currency equivalent. However, we should note that the maximum bet in Aviator can vary depending on the specific platform. Different casinos may have their own maximum bet limits for the Aviator game, which can be influenced by factors such as the casino's policies, the player's account status, and the specific jurisdiction's regulations.

Who is the Owner of Aviator?
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Aviator is a casino game developed by the Georgian provider, Spribe. in 2021. Since its creation, the game has been acclaimed by online casinos and managed to attract the attention of numerous customers. It was founded in 2021, by a Georgian provider.

How Long Are Game Sessions in Aviator?
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The length of sessions in a Spribe Aviator game can vary greatly depending on the player's individual strategy and preference. One of the unique aspects of Aviator is that each round is quite brief, often lasting just a few seconds to a couple of minutes. The multiplier (representing the plane's flight) rises in real time and can crash at any moment, effectively ending the round.